The oldest, most established kingdom of humanity on Apoth. In a dog-eat-dog politics of Kronus only the most powerful and cunning retain power. The Circle of Mages watches over all events with their iron-fist, crushing any spark of opposition. In spite of their autocratic methods, the citizens of Kronus are encouraged to seek education (especially in the magical crafts) and prove their worth in the world.


Mostly savanna with swampy regions forming a natural northern border. The southern region is inhospitable coastal desert.

Society and Politics

Magic is considered the alpha and the omega in Kronus. The founders of Kronus were the original human refugees who retained the knowledge and the know-how of magics of the old world. Even though it’s often the magical prowess that determines one’s standing in the society, the most powerful arcane users are not necessarily at the top of the political ladder. After all, some arcane scholars are interested only in the pursuit of arcane progress and not retaining power. Nonetheless, typically these individuals are under the wings of other mages who do have the power to supply them with all they need to continue their studies in exchange for their ‘services’. Constant scheming and intrigue is part of the everyday life for the Kronus’ ‘nobility’. At the very top sits the Circle of Mages, five of the most influential mage-lords of the realm constantly vying for leverage against each other. Surprisingly, this system is politically stable as no Archmagister would allow any other to gain advantage over him and besides, a monopoly of power between five people is not entirely unreasonable — perhaps not ideal, but acceptable. For the most common of the people, the political machine bears little relevance to them as they are left alone to trade travel and deal as they please. Though indentured servants are common and there are no explicit laws forbidding slavery, it’s generally considered distasteful.


Town militias and mercenary battalions are maintained in most sizeable towns and cities at the expense of the town magister mage-lord. As a nation, the Kronus has no concept of a unified military structure as each mage-lord is expected to maintain his own contingent of troops, more often then not to protect himself from other mage-lords. In spite of these limitations, Kronus has at her disposal the Mancers, Black Hand Society and the Blackguard Legion ensuring that Kronus thrives.


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