The so-called barbarians of the north. Why are the barbarians always to north? And why is it so damn cold there? Hard to say. Lechs, or the collective region known as Lechia, is indeed a frozen and harsh place. And if it’s not frozen, then it’s just unpleasant and frosty. It’s not a true nation but a collective of human tribes living in a relative harmony.


Cold climate, mostly coniferous forests and arctic tundra. Very few rivers. Hilly or flat terrain with a large mountain range to the east forming a natural barrier.

Politics and Society

There are few permanent settlements as most tribes move around year around. A few times a year, they meet in great halls erected in spots deemed worthy where great feasts and trade as well as negotiations take place. The Lech barbarian warriors are the finest in the world as are their armors and weapons. It is said the chieftains of each tribe, who typically are the oldest, wisest and bravest in the tribe are capable of weaving metals without the use of forges but such practices are the greatest secrets of each tribe and are not shared with outsiders (which is pretty much anyone who is not part of the tribe). Culturally, Lechians are an oddity — tribes live in harmony and peace yet value martial prowess and combat skills more than anything. They seem to have little interest in invading, and are rarely invaded (see Kelcian invasion of Lechia) since the climate is so barren and of little value to others. The scholars claim that this barren and unwelcoming land, filled with particularly nasty fauna is the reason why the men (and women too) devote so much of their live to be at the pinnacle of their combat ability. Some say, that unlike the human refugees that came from the south, the Kelcians and the Kronus, these imposing people are have come from an entirely different continent or perhaps have been on this continent since their beginning. The elven sages who have been around for millenia, claim, however, that the Lechs are something altogether different.


Every man, woman, and child is taught the use of a sword or a mace or an axe or a bow. They are taught how to move and fight in armor of all types, in all conditions. Most importantly, how to fight in an organized fashion in cohorts — tactically flexible and independent teams of warriors. Though details vary from tribe to tribe, largely the units are highly interchangeable and can naturally form a fluid, well-oiled fighting contingent. Because of their martial expertise, excellent equipment and imposing physique, Lechians are considered the finest melee combatants on Apoth.


Battle over Apoth rademenes