Battle over Apoth

Out of the frying pan..

The party emerged from the part of the dungeon that, as it turns out were the ancient testing grounds for mages and this area seems to have been a sort of training academy. Beat up, and low on resources, none other than captain Morgan of the Blackguards meets them and demands the recovered artifact in exchange for a tip that will save their lives. The group complies and it is revealed that the party members (with the exception of Gonzo who just joined them) are now wanted fugitives back in Holebottom. As it turns out, the Deep-Wells Academy had a scry capture of their cold murder of Jorell (of House of Jorell), not only that, two witnesses corroborate the story—the cleric Higara who was in the employ of the party at the time and Jorell himself whose body was recovered and raised from the dead. The situation does not look good as ‘Monkey’ the monk was in town as these events unfolded. The party presses forward to the dungeon exit.



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