Battle over Apoth

..into another frying pan

Meanwhile, some 12 hours ago, Leonard the Gnomish Lawyer (group hired him to take care of all the paperwork involved in running an adventurer-for-hire business), informs ‘Monkey’ of the new developments in town and the OVERWHELMING evidence of their involvement in the murder of Jorrel. He suggest to skip town immediately. Leonard also begs ‘Monkey’ to take him along as he can be useful. ‘Monkey’ agrees and they set out to the dwarven ruins north of Holebottom. The last known location of the party.

Half a day later, ‘Monkey’ finds the group conveniently close to the entrance of the dungeon. The party decides to explore the other half of the dungeon where, apparently, a tribe of kobolds have made themselves comfortable. They push forwards.

A short spelunking while later, the group is beset by a pair of monstrous looking beasts (Krenshar) in a difficult to maneuver area. ‘Monkey’, unable to squeeze through to the fight, decides to explore the room behind them only to be beset by a third beast. Diesa, the dwarven fighter(ess) dismantles one Krenshar and hurts the other where it retreats into a dug-out hole in the room wall. Diesa decides to attack the wall, with the intent of widening the hole enough for her to pass through. Instead, she succeeds in collapsing the hole to the Krenshar nest. In the back, ‘Monkey’ struggles with the Krenshar but Tukmol, the feline warlock lends a hand, only for a second Krenshar to emerge from the second hole. Several seconds later, Diesa joins the fray. A well placed eldritch blast explodes one of the Krenshar, spraying everyone in gore, and a well placed punch from ‘Monkey’ drops the other Krenshar to the ground.

The group moves forward only to find out the the only door out has been barricaded. Our heroes hear animated kobold yapping from the other side. The party convinces the kobolds to un-barricade the door with promises of smoking a peace pipe.

A tense stand off. Hands on weapons. Leonard does paperwork. ‘Monkey’ suggest that maybe they can help. Gonzo loads up his pipe with “the finest ganja grown in mage gardens” and everyone gets high. After exactly ten bowls, several of the kobolds are napping, while the kobold shaman finalizes the agreement with ‘Monkey’. A distrustful looking hobgoblin, the styled protector of the kobolds watches on. Leonard decides to hang back out of the room and catch up on his lawyer paperwork. Things suddenly turn sour when Diesa mentions that they have been to the other part of the dungeon and have, in fact, retrieved the magical item. The shaman wants the “great magics” they got and is not convinced that they had to hand it away to someone else. Inevitably, a fight breaks out between the kobolds and our adventures except everyone is reaaaaally high (everyone looses their dex and wis bonus to AC). Leonard catches a bolt with the back of his skull, two kobolds bite the dust soon after and the shaman casts a spell of darkness and makes a quick retreat. As Gonzo prepares to cast a spell of light, he gets hit by a kobold bolt and falls unconscious. Things are becoming very chaotic as darkness complicates things and everyone is fighting effectively blind (while still being very high). Just when the party gains the upper hand, the hobgoblin rushes into the room, knocking out ‘Monkey’. A lucky eldritch blast and a cleave send the hobgoblin halves to hell as well as the napping kobold that passed out from too much weed in his system. The rest of the kobolds scatter and run-away and some barricade themselves in adjacent rooms. Diesa rushes to save her comrades, using up the last of their healing supplies. Nothing, however, can be done for Leonard. Stable but hurt, the party decides to barricade off the four entrances and get some rest before venturing forward. Tukmol cuts off Leonard’s toes and all the kobold fingers with his butchering knife much to Diesa’ dismay.

The kobolds try to sneak through the room during Diesa’s watch but they are brutally crushed with a door and her dwarven axe. Another couple kobolds try to set the make-shift barricade on fire during Tukmol’s watch but he extinguishes the flames by blowing the barricade with an eldritch blast (and the kobold in the process). The rest of the party somehow manages to sleep through all the noise. Refreshed, they wake up several hours later and press on.

An electrified lever and gate later, some raiding of storage rooms and messing with altars (that left Diesa pulling out sharp chunks of platinum coins from her face) the party finally reaches the second exit and no sign of the damn kobold shaman (well, ok, a few sets of kobold footprints heading away from the dungeon). I guess they might as well nap now again and plan their next move.



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